Where are our Leaders…

The current climate in the USA surrounding the presidential election has given me an opportunity to review some of the religious books, mainly Christianity, and ask the question, “Where are our leaders?” Even more to the point is where can we find “Jesus” in all of this.
First let me say that I do not believe in Jesus, the man, according to the story of his birth and the rest of that stuff. What I do believe in is the concept of Jesus the Christ as a man. This concept relates to every human being born, not one man in particular. This concept does not associate itself with any particular religion, denomination, or cult.
I look at our neighborhoods and communities and wonder what happened to the spirit of/sense of community in the cities across America. In the Black community, the glue that holds everything together used to be the church. It was the “Sunday go to meeting place” where we received our updates about relatives near and far. Who gave birth, who died and what was happening outside the boundaries of our close-knit group. The leader was the “Preacha;” Our direction came from leaders like Martin Luther King. He not only spoke action he embodied action, and in doing so, sparked others to walk with him to bring about change for the people who stand with their “back against the wall.”

One of the leaders in the Christian faith, who is allegedly followed by many ministers of today, is Howard Thurman.

Howard Thurman’s words echo through the ages.

“Why is it that Christianity seems impotent to deal radically, and therefore effectively, with the issues of discrimination and injustice on the basis of race, religion and national origin? Is this impotency due to a betrayal of the genius of the religion, or is it due to a basic weakness in the religion itself? The question is searching, for the dramatic demonstration of the impotency of Christianity in dealing with the issue is underscored by its apparent inability to cope with it within is own fellowship.
…….but I am deeply convinced that in the general area of my inquiry is to be found the answer without which there can be little hope that men may find in Christianity the fulfillment which it claims for its gospel.”

Howard Thurman
Jesus and the Disinherited
(originally published in 1949)

2 Timothy 3:5
“They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!” (New Living Translation)


I need to “get ta gettin”

I am in a constant conversation with myself about writing more often in my journals and blogs. With procrastination being one of my best character defects, there is no time like the present to start….or not!

I am an avid reader ,therefore my strongest motivator, I have realized, is to write about the books I read and have read, and to share my perspective on said books, as it pertains to today’s current state of affairs. Hey, I may just be on to something! I can only hope that my posts and commentary afford readers of the future an opportunity to know that I lived and to appreciate my personal perspective on Life.

Now, where and with which book do I start……more will be revealed.

My challenge is to do it daily.


We are long overdue to have multiple platform conversations about race. Race relations seems to be the hardest and most necessary conversation we MUST have, IF we desire to continue to exist. It’s a Long and bumpy ride. We must all get in the same ship together and ride into the destiny of man’s progress and destiny. “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

I am ready to go!

If we don’t know where we have been….

“Still, I’d often meet visitors who had earnest but deep misunderstandings about the nature of American slavery. These folks were usually, but not always, a little older, and almost invariably white. I was often asked if the slaves there got paid, or (less often) whether they had signed up to work there. You could tell from the questions — and, not less importantly, from the body language — that the people asking were genuinely ignorant of this part of the country’s history.”


How to move forward

We, as a Nation, stand at a cross road. The portal of unlimited opportunity as a human race has opened. IF collectively we are willing to do the necessary work; the lives of future mankind will be greater, bolder and more enlightened than at any other time in history.

There is much work to do….

“The reality, the depth, and the persistence of the delusion of white supremacy in this country causes any real concept of education to be as remote, and as much to be feared, as change or freedom itself.”                

                                               ~James Baldwin                                                                                                                                                         The Price of the Ticket (1985)